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  • axis: Ballymun
  • axis: Ballymun
  • axis: Ballymun

axis: Ballymun

axis is an arts & community resource centre based in Ballymun, Dublin. Our arts centre consists of a Theatre, Dance Studio, Art Room, Gallery, Music Studio, Music Rehearsal Rooms & our community resource centre consists of a Café, Creche, Conference Centre & a number of Community Development Organisations.

For more information on any of the services we provide in either arts centre or our community resource centre, email info@axis-ballymun.ie, call (01) 883 2100 or visit www.axis-ballymun.ie

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axis: Ballymun,
Main Street, Ballymun, 9, Dublin.
tel: +353 1 883 2100 (Box Office & Information)
email: info@axis-ballymun.ie
web: http://www.axis-ballymun.ie


Events taking place at this venue

  • After Sarah Miles by Michael Hilliard Mulcahy

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    25th Sep 2014 (Thu) - 26th Sep 2014 (Fri)

    After a lifetime of wrestling with the tides, fisherman Bobeen finds it hard to face the sea again. But the discovery he made in the mouth of the harbour almost thirty years ago keeps calling him back. This time it will connect him to what he thought was lost and gone forever. After Sarah Miles follows Bobeen’s journey from 1969 to the present day; from the moment he has his first drink as a fourteen year old boy on the set of Ryan’s Daughter, to a blossoming crush which takes his life in an entirely new direction. Don Wycherley gives a towering performance in this acclaimed play, transporting the audience into a world that is at the same time epic and ordinary. More

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