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  • The Firkin Crane
  • The Firkin Crane
  • The Firkin Crane
  • The Firkin Crane

The Firkin Crane

The Firkin Crane has gone through many guises since it was erected as part of the Butter Market in the 19th century: the current rotunda building has been a dedicated centre for the arts with and emphasis on dance since the 1992.

The Firkin Crane continues to be a focal point for dance in Ireland:

Our mission statement

We support the practice and performance of all forms of dance. 
We enhance the engagement between the general public and dance. 
We encourage the development and growth of dance as an artform. 
We provide for the professional development of dance performers and creators. 
We facilitate the cross-fertilization of ideas and interactions between dance artists and practitioners from all disciplines. 
We initiate innovative partnerships at local, national and international level.
We are actively involved with the local community in creating valuable social platforms. 


The Firkin Crane,
Exchange Street, John Redmond Street, Shandon, Cork.
tel: +353 21 4507487 (Information and booking)
email: info@firkincrane.ie
web: http://www.firkincrane.ie


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