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In A Hoop

Written by Darren Yorke. Directed by Sarah Bradley. Starring Kate Finegan.

IN A HOOP. is a wonderfully funny and at times vulnerable play that receives its audience with intimacy, and shares in the tone of ‘We’re All Friends Here’.

It’s about Heart. It’s about Soul. It’s about spectacle. It’s about Purpose.
Unfiltered, Kitty and is unabashed in voicing her cogitation, as she grapples at a juncture in her life.

“Why does it always seem that all your friends – all your peers – know exactly what they’re doing with their life?” – Kitty

In tracing her steps, she gathers her bearings. In grounding herself, she contemplates her advance. She picks herself up; she knocks herself down. She weighs the dream against the fear; the confidence against the doubt; the choices made against the hypotheticals; the ideal against the reality. She’s ‘in a hoop’, but aren’t we all?!
She casts a wide net, and she strikes an accord.
She’s one night only, and she’s worth the ticket!