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New Plays Festival Dublin

The NEWvember Dublin 2017 plays are:

1) The Barber of Moville by Ronan Carr, from Derry.

“It’s the day for Padge and Dommo to head off on their Italian holiday … only Padge has forgotten. He’s forgotten a lot of things recently. And why does Dommo keep talking about Dr. Death? In this sweetly moving comedy of Dublin barbers and Italian opera, we see the unseen ways love works.” Ronan is a writer, actor and director, whose work ranges from radio plays for RTE to his upcoming movie directorial debut. (Thurs. Nov. 16 @ 7pm in a double-header)

2) The Bull: Death of a Ladiez Man by Jim Connell-Moylan, from Dublin.

“In this razor-sharp satire of modern Irish relationships, a couple’s anniversary is invaded by a mysterious stranger. But then no-one in this South Dublin house is quite what they seem, in this hilarious and suspenseful short fable of identity, lust and dog kennels.” Jim is an actor and theatre-maker, who recently graduated from Trinity College. (Thurs. Nov. 16 @ 7pm in a double-header)

3) The Late Rosie Callaghan by Jeanne Beckwith, from Vermont.

“Rosie Callaghan has passed away, and it seems it’s making everyone a little crazy: Jimmy is stealing mail trucks, cop Red Dolan is hiding secrets, and FBI librarian Jenny needs to find a box in the Guntersons’ basement. Maybe a wake at Rosie’s old house will sort everything out, in this heartfelt comedy of lost chances and new hope set in Boston.” Jeanne is a playwright and theatre professor, whose work has been performed across the US and Off-Broadway. (Fri. Nov. 17 @ 7pm)

4) Extremophiles by Fergal O’Byrne, from Dublin.

“In this claustrophobic drama of isolation, sacrifice and miracles, three members of an International Survey team struggle with being stranded at Halley Base in the Antarctic. How will they cope … especially since they may be humanity’s last survivors?” Fergal is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and short story author, currently based in Copenhagen. (Sat. Nov 18 @ 3pm)

5) Charlotte’s Letters by Jennifer O’Grady, from New York.

“Through the investigative work of a mother and daughter team, the secret story of Charlotte Brontë’s schooling in Belgium and a forbidden romance are revealed in this enthralling and powerful multi-layered mystery.” Jennifer is an award-winning playwright and poet, whose work has been published in, among others, The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017 and Harper’s Magazine. (Sat. Nov. 18 @ 7pm)

6) Festival by Denis Dennehy, from Dublin.

“In this bold comedy told in rich poetic language, Aeneas Mackles must try and win the love of cute thing Lea Gubbins, while seeing off the divilment of Aunt Marge and old flame Maggie Molyneaux, and defending his farm from the land-grabbing bank, amidst the madness of the agricultural show, the Festival.” Denis’s work ranges from plays for RTE Radio in the 1970’s to a recent text/music piece performed by Crash Ensemble. (Sun. Nov. 19 @ 3pm)