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Carnage Visors

Curated by Paul McAree

Featuring artists Neil Carroll, Amanda Coogan, Martin Healy, Juntae T.J. Hwang, Nevan Lahart, Amanda Rice, Sonia Shiel, Marcel Vidal, Richard T. Walker.

Carnage Visors – a metaphor for Rose-tinted glasses – is a group show exploring the idea of making work today and the autonomy of an artwork versus being socially or politically aware. Is it possible to make artwork today in the current global climate? Does art have any validity? Can artists possibly propose questions – about art or the world – which have any currency in the world within which find ourselves today? Can art bolster a position between 24 hour news channels, migrant crises, multiple wars, Instagram hits and youtube channels? Carnage Visors seeks to propose that art can, and artists do, situate themselves as never before as a counterbalance to so much fleeting and temporary moments in the world, giving us a slower and more considered series of propositions within which to consider art and the world.