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The Great Hunger by Patrick Kavanagh

The epic poem (1942) adapted for stage is set in rural Co. Monaghan in the 1930’s/early 40’s but could have been set in most rural areas of the country. With echoes of the Great Famine” in the title and the text, the narrative thread concerns the life and struggles of small farmer Patrick Maguire, a life of economic and imaginative privation, especially psychical and sexual. Yet this magnificent piece is full of humour, lyrical beauty, drama, description and mystical insight.

“..a finely-achieved and compelling production. Its conclusion was greeted with a standing ovation from the appreciative audience and the accolade was fully merited….it is an outstanding performance”Galway Advertiser

“Peter Duffy’s one-man performance of the poem is as epic as the work…softly spoken, with despair and regret pouring out of his being, Duffy hypnotises his audience; constantly drawing us into his tale. He
captures all the lyricism of the verse and the emptiness of a man who has stood guard over an empty castle for far too long.”
Waterford News and Star

Running time 75 min approx, no interval

This performance has been made possible by the kind permission of the Trustees of the Estate of the late Katherine B Kavanagh, through the Jonathon Williams Literary Agency.