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An exhibition exploring the scope and breadth of drawing

What is drawing? A pencil mark on paper? A swipe across a screen? A double yellow line? Where do we draw the line - or do we? Visit this exhibition of a whole multitude of drawings from some of Ireland’s leading mark makers. Find drawings made from materials such as pencil, ink, paint, pixels, chalk, pastels etc... by architects, visual artists, illustrators, furniture designers, animators, and more. Visitors can also explore drawing for themselves at the exhibition process stations.

Featured mark makers include: John Brady (visual art), Cartoon Saloon (animation), Rex Bangerter (archaeology), McCauley Day O’Connell Architects, PJ Lynch (illustration)*, Alice Maher (visual art), Graeme King (furniture design), Maeve Clancy (visual art, comics), Michael Scott (architect), Betty Gannon (visual art).

Join us and explode your understanding of drawing.

Curated by the Linenhall Arts Centre especially for children.