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Outdoor Projection of 'The Light Gleams an Instant' by Krass Clement

at Gallery of Photography

Outdoor Projection starts at 8pm, 15th November in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin - all welcome.

Krass Clement's exhibition in Gallery of Photography will run from Thursday 16 November 2017 - Sunday 28th January 2018.

Gallery of Photography warmly invite you to a projection installation in Meeting House Square of renowned artist Krass Clement's exhibition 'The Light Gleams an Instant'.  This projection is in celebration of our official launch of this exhibition and will display photographs from Clement's seminal 1991 work 'Drum' and be the world premiere of previously unseen work made by Clement in Dublin in 1991.  

Born in Copenhagen, Krass Clement’s photographic work emerges from two traditions: The Scandinavian melancholy on the one hand and the 'flaneur' tradition from the Parisian school on the other. Clement's work originates from a fertile and imaginative thought processes more concerned with reflecting interior states of mind than with documenting 'real' life situations, His dark, stripped back aesthetic combines with a stream of consciousness approach to evoke introspective, psychological landscapes that sit somewhere between fiction and reality.

Clement's seminal 1991 work Drum opens in a darkening and foggy town, with a workday ending and some men heading off for a drink. Through subtle shifts in focus and a masterful filmic sequencing, the book comes to concentrate on one principal character in the shadowy pub: a hunched, weather-beaten old man sitting alone with his drink. The work is a quiet, dusky meditation on community, the outsider, alienation and the terrors of being alone. Photographed in a small pub in Drum, County Monaghan on a single evening and with only a few rolls of film (and a rumored “five pints of Guinness”), Clement created one of the most important contributions to the international canon of contemporary photo books. A virtually unobtainable and therefore highly sought-after photo book, this exhibition will be the first showing of Clement’s masterwork in Ireland.

We are delighted to host the world premiere of previously unseen work made in Dublin in 1991. Continuing Clement’s concern with the exploration of place as reflection of the inner psyche, the work presents a view of Dublin at odds with itself – contrasting the lively theatre of street life with melancholic empty streetscapes. Both bodies of work were made during a visit to Ireland by Clement as part of a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Annamakerrig, County Monaghan in 1991. A new book of this work Dublin has been published by RRB Photobooks to coincide with the exhibition available at a special exhibition price of €45

Exhibition and outreach programme supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Embassy of Denmark, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Arts.